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A non-profit, independent, scholarly press specializing in original works of revolutionary theory, practice, and art; serving peoples' liberation movements since 2017.

We excel in the publication of intellectually rigorous, visually appealing, and accessible books and print media.

ideas + art + revolution


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Print Publications


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Where to
Find Us

Information for Readers

Our books can be found through all major online booksellers, such as Barnes and Noble, Blackwell's, Indigo, Booktopia, Amazon, and more, as well as through select radical bookstores such as Midnight Books, Red Hound Books, Mayday Books, Connolly Books, 1804 Books, Rosa Luxemburg Books, Orca Books, and others. Additionally, all of our books can be ordered by their ISBN numbers from almost any bookstore connected with Ingram's distribution network.

Enjoy our works? Be sure to ask your local sellers to stock us! We are always looking to build solidarity networks and to collaborate with bookstores, sellers, and community spaces, so please be sure to reach out at if you are keen to connect.

Information for Booksellers

Our books are available globally through Ingram's distribution network, and can be ordered through Ingram's website by ISBN. To keep the end-cost of our books financially accessible for readers, we price our publications very close to print cost. Because of this, we are forced to keep our seller discounts a bit lower than industry standard (40% for most titles in the US as opposed to the standard 55%). As a small, not-for-profit, and volunteer-staffed publisher focused on education and community organizing, we do our best to privilege our readers, and general accessibility, over profits.

If you are a small bookseller, please do not hesitate to reach out at so that we can figure out the best way to get our books into your hands. We offer creative solutions for smaller sellers, comrades, and community organizations, and would be happy to discuss possibilities.

Information for Organizers

As organizers and educators ourselves, we are interested in print media collaborations focused on education, arts, and organizing. Reach out at and let's talk about the possibility of publications and print media collaborations.

Information for Authors

We welcome inquiries, abstracts, and full manuscripts for original works of theory, history, natural science, and arts, new translations, as well as edited collections of older works framed with new forewords or critical introductions. Please visit our submissions page for details, style guide, royalties information, timelines, and more.
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