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Edited and Introduced by
Róisín Dubh
Articles by 
Mícheál Ó Súsleabh, Cristina Diamant, & James Connolly

In 2023, the world witnessed the rise of numerous global labour uprisings. Whether it was the unionisation wave of Starbucks workers in America, or the postal workers in England, the working class-after being treated incredibly poorly during the COVID-19 pandemic-has begun to stand up in record numbers against the exploitive practices of bosses and capitalists. The Irish working class was no exception.

In this new series of Iskra chapbooks, in collaboration with the Independent Workers Union of Ireland, we present writings old and new with a focus on the dynamic labor conditions of Ireland. In our inaugural volume, we showcase writings from Iceland Foods grocery workers, who have recently organised themselves, taken strike action, and occupied stores for unpaid wages. In addition to this essay from Iceland workers in the Independent Workers' Union, we have also included two relevant pieces written by the Irish trade union leader, James Connolly.


It is our hope that Let Us Rise will elevate the voices and struggles of those presently engaged in labor actions across Ireland, demonstrating the link and the necessary connection between struggles old and new.

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