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Text Submissions

We accept original manuscript submissions from scholars and writers both inside and outside the academy, with the intent that our publishing mission serves to move intellectual production outside the narrow and often counterrevolutionary confines of academe. Our publications serve the real world, avant-garde, and progressive forces of anti-imperialist movementswith specific focus given to national liberation movements in the global south, anti-colonialism, indigenous liberation, women's movements, disability advocacy, and LGBTQ+ liberation movements. We see these struggles as one, and we know all liberatory movements of the oppressed to be the people's vanguard of working class action against capitalist hegemony, both in the imperial core and beyond.

The majority of our publications are non-fiction, and we do not typically consider unsolicited fiction submissions.


Please limit your proposal to fifteen pages, and work to include of the following:


  1. A page or two that provides a general overview of the book's main themes and theses.

  2. A list of contents, with a very short paragraph on each chapter. 

  3. A short background on the author, or contributors.

  4. A paragraph on who you perceive as the main audience for the book.

  5. Information about any competing and complementing titles, published or forthcoming, of which you're aware.

  6. The general state of the manuscript. We typically do not offer publications promises on unfinished manuscripts, and all publications decisions will generally be made once the manuscript is completed and able to be reviewed in full by our editorial team.

  7. We receive a large volume of submissions and because of this are oftentimes slow to respond—please have patience with us!

Please also note that we consider only digital submissions, to the email addresses below. We will not consider paper submissions.


For submissions to the Peace, Land, and Bread Journal—both online and in print—please send all pitches and article to the email address above. Please include a short description of the piece you wish to write, or have written, along with information about yourself and why it would work for Peace, Land, and Bread, and for Iskra Books more generally. We normally publish articles of up to 7,500 words (although this is negotiable, depending on the piece, as we will consider serializing larger pieces), and smaller pieces are always considered.


We also accept poetry, creative fiction, and literature submissions for the print journal.

Our basic style guide can be found at the Peace, Land, and Bread Style Guide


Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, we are oftentimes slow to respond, but aim to respond to all inquiries and submissions as soon as we are able—thank you for your patience.

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