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Designed by
Ben Stahnke
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Iskra's 2024 notebooks have arrived!


With inspiring revolutionary quotes and well-divided, easily-labeled sections—as well as an easy note-taking layout inspired by the collective decades of Iskra's editorial staff has spent in higher education and organizing—our new Peace, Land, and Notes volumes are a tetralogy of notebooks geared towards the pressing need for dynamic note-taking amid fast-paced and changing times.


Designed for comrades navigating overlapping, multiple lives as organizers, students, educators, and workers, Iskra's Peace, Land, and Notes is designed to help organize the multi-topic and multi-directional notes that inevitably acquire—and collide—over the course of a quarter (or semester) of study, practice, work, and activism.

We've created four volumes, each with original cover art, interior design and layout, and each with a different collection of inspiring revolutionary quotes.

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5.5" by 8.5" 

166 pages

Soft-texture, matte cover

Duplex interior cover print

70lb premium interior paper

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