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Aymeric Monville
Translated by Philippe Gendrault
Foreword by Gabriel Rockhill

For the first time in the English language, Iskra Books is proud to present Aymeric Monville’s foundational essay on the work of one of France’s most impactful Marxist thinkers—Michel Clouscard. With a new foreword by Gabriel Rockhill, Neocapitalism According to Michel Clouscard introduces a new generation of anglosphere organizers and students to one of the most underappreciated theorists of postwar French Marxism.

"In this book, Aymeric Monville provides us with a concise and insightful overview of the work of a major French Marxist: Michel Clouscard. Unfortunately, his writings are almost completely unknown in the Anglophone world. Due to a series of factors, some of which Clouscard himself deftly diagnosed, the global theory industry has promoted anti-communist French theory—as well as forms of Marxism opposed to actually existing socialism—at the expense of thinkers like Clouscard and Monville. This is a direct consequence of U.S. cultural and intellectual imperialism, which has been the driving force behind the phenomenon known as French theory. [...] Since Monville is a major intellectual, editor and activist in his own right, this translation has the advantage of spotlighting the research of two major Francophone Marxists. Moreover, Monville is in many ways the ideal guide to Clouscard’s expansive body of writings, which he has worked through assiduously. Although there are many major insights to be found in them, Clouscard’s writings are often more suggestive and provocative than demonstrative and pedagogical. Monville’s framing and presentation of his work thereby brings clarity and precision to his project."

From the foreword to Neocapitalism According to Michel Clouscard:

Gabriel Rockhill, Founding Director of the Critical Theory Workshop/Atelier de Théorie Critique, Professor of Philosophy at Villanova University

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