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Ben Stahnke

Iskra's 2024 notebooks have arrived!


Peace, Land, and Notes: For a Free Palestine is a thoughtfully crafted, large-sized, hardcover study journal and notebook (7" x 10") that draws inspiration from the ongoing struggle for the liberation of Palestine. Featuring inspirational words and art, the notebook is designed with a user-friendly approach, ensuring easy navigation and notes-retrieval through its well-defined and easily labeled sections, as well as a thoughtful indexing approach for book, section, and page alike. Designed for comrades navigating overlapping, complex lives as organizers, students, educators, and workers, Iskra's Peace, Land, and Notes volumes are designed to help organize the multi-topic and multi-directional notes that inevitably acquire—and collide—over the course of a quarter (or semester) of study, practice, work, and activism.

Beyond its practical utility, Peace, Land, and Notes: For a Free Palestine contributes to a spirit of steadfast solidarity with the ongoing struggles of the Palestinian people. Contributing to a collective liberatory narrative that is at once empathetic and supportive, and in acknowledgment of the complexities and the material needs of the journey towards justice and liberation, 100% of the profits earned from the sale of For a Free Palestine will be donated to the Middle East Children's Alliance (

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ISBN 9798869072429

7" by 10

156 pages

Soft-texture, matte finish hardcover

Full color interior imagery, quotes, and poetry

70lb premium interior paper

All profits from the sale of this title to be donated to the Middle East Children's Alliance

RSCO_Kurry_Paper 141.png

Fundraiser Volume for MECA

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