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The Palestinian Resistance:
Historical Documents of the PLO

A Collection for Critical Organizational Study
Guerrilla History | Iskra Books

Explore the core political documents of pivotal chapters from the revolutionary organizational history of Palestine with Historical Documents of the P.L.O.: A Collection for Critical Organizational Study, a scholarly yet accessible anthology of the documents that forged the backbone of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s struggle for sovereignty and liberation.

Study the revolutionary spirit of the P.L.O.’s keen revolutionary political organization through two new critical forewords from Guerrilla History and Iskra Books, as well as an afterword from Paweł Wargan, and engage in critical study with the organizational narratives that have ignited radical political discourse worldwide and shaped the fight for Palestinian self-determination.

The Palestine Liberation Organization (P.L.O.), or Munazzamat al-Tahrir al-Filastiniyya, is the representative political entity for the Palestinian people, advocating for Palestinian independence and rights. Recognized globally, the P.L.O. has been a central player in international efforts to address the Palestinian quest for statehood. Renowned for its enduring dedication to the Palestinian cause, and for solidarity with national liberation struggles worldwide, the P.L.O. has been instrumental in fostering international dialogue and seeking peaceful resolutions in the quest for sovereignty and human rights in the Middle East.

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