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With Writing From
Claudia Jones
Gerald Horne
Betsy Yoon
Denise Lynn
Tionne Parris
Kim Il Sung

Internationalism in Practice: Claudia Jones, Black Liberation, and the "Bestial" War on Korea is a timely exploration of Claudia Jones’ tireless advocacy for international, anti-imperialist, and anti-war solidarity during the pivotal, tumultuous years of the early 1950s. This new scholarly collection from Iskra Books unveils Jones’ enduring legacy and continued relevance through her original writings, blending sharp theoretical critique, an approachable and accessible wit, and a poignant focus on the unique exploitations experienced by women of historically oppressed ethnicities in the United States.

“American mothers” of all ethnic and cultural groups, Jones wrote, must “emulate the peace struggles of their anti-fascist sisters worldwide to end the bestial Korean war.” This impassioned plea resonates across time, inviting modern readers to reflect on the enduring necessity for a united, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, anti-imperialist front in a world where hostilities against the peoples of the Global South increase by the day.

With excellent new contributions from Gerald Horne, Denise Lynn, Tionne Parris, and Betsy Yoon, as well as a classic piece of lesser known writing from Kim Il Sung, Internationalism in Practice bridges past and present—a testament to Jones’ fearless dedication to justice, her unyielding stance against imperialist aggressions both abroad and at home, and her foundational advocacy for revolutionary intersectionality and peace.


Internationalism in Practice is an indispensable resource, offering profound insights into the past and present struggles for organizers, workers, educators, and students alike.

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ISBN 9798869131607

5.5" by 8.5" 

142 pages

Soft-texture, matte finish softcover

Full-color, duplex/interior printed cover

Black & white interior imagery

50lb creme interior paper

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